Russell Quan Interview

Russell Quan has been making noise in Rock n Roll bands since the 80’s.  He’s known as a drummer, guitar player, DJ, budget rocker and low profile cult hero.  This interview may contain the definitive list of his bands to this date.  Check it out:

You are known as an expert on Hamburgers.  What are the best hamburger joints?

Vals Hamburgers in Hayward is my favorite!  Not a fancy burger, just the best tasting one.  Expertly cooked.  Been this way since 1958.

According to you’ve played in The Mummies, The Phantom Surfers, The Bobbyteens, The Count Backwards, The Dukes of Hamburg, Cecilia and The Sauerkraughts, Christina and The Bipples, The Appleseeds, The Flakes, The Easys, Lone Surfer and His Super Pals, and the Tight Fits.   Are there any other bands this list is missing?

Discogs missed out The Horseless Headmen,  whose highlighted minute of in-fame was opening for The Unclaimed at Greg Shaws’ Cavern Club in Hollywood.  Whose record on Dean Mittlehauser’s Karvern 7 label was not to be.

Los Creeple Peeple, leftovers from Horseless Headmen, and pre Mummies.

The Chuckleberrys, Oaklands top and bottom beat group.

The Durty Whyte Boots ARE  the group my sister Chow Mein is playing in.

What music influenced you to want to start playing music yourself?

Seeing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan.  I play for the hell of it, fun!

What was the underground music world like when you started going to and playing shows? 

I never came up to underground level.  I stay below it.  I know my place in this world.

Were you involved with punk or hardcore?

I was never involved in hardcore punk.  I thought it was too jocky’ for me.

What do you think of the term garage rock?

I work in a garage.  I think that term is contaminated these days.

Of your many projects are there any that stand out to you or that you want to be remember by?

I hope I can be remembered by my wife as the best husband she ever had.

The Mummies started in 1988.  30 years later you guys have lots of new fans just getting into the music.  You are heading festivals all over the world.  I have personally witnessed two different Mummies tribute bands.  Did you ever expect the band to be so beloved?

I’m thankful people will pay to go see The Mummies, so we can eat greasy food all over the place.  We are spoiled, but I dont forget that I am a nothing paying my bills.

 Why do you think Mummies are so popular, whereas so much music from the 80’s and 90’s is totally forgotten today? 

The Mummies are popular? Haha!

What are you working on now?

The Chuckleberrys and The Durty Whyte Boots, Phantom Surfers and The Ducks of Hayward.

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